I’m Egee - Welcome to my website! I do work on a plethora of stuff and this website helps organize all of my links and projects. It’s my Personal Home Page™ and link aggregator of sorts.

I host the Distro Delves Show, produce asmr and other videos on YouTube, live stream on Twitch, contribute to Open Source on Github, record music on Soundcloud, and dabble in indie game development.

Who is Egee/Brian?

Egee (pronounced ‘E-jee’) is an anthropomorphic Red Husky. If you’d like to learn about Egee, the original character, go here.

He started out as a mascot for my main YouTube channel at the time. He became the “character” I played for the channel but he eventually become more like me and now I’m basically just Egee all the time.

When I’m not Egee, I am a multi-hat software engineer with proficiencies in SQA, SRE, DevOps, and technical writing. I wrote this website from scratch so I guess I wear a web-dev hat too.

I am agnostic about programming language but I prefer interpreted languages such as Python, Ruby, and Bash.

I also do voice-work from time to time and currently reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


If you want to get in touch with me, you are welcome to DM me. I am most active on Twitter and I announce it there if I’m planning to be or go somewhere like a convention or event.

I’m also on Discord! You can find me in the Egee.io community Discord server. Be sure to follow the community rules if you join.

Please keep in mind that I am usually very busy during the week and I have a policy of not responding to one-word DM’s (hi, hey, hello, uwu, etc).

If you want to contact me about a community or professional engagement, feel free to email me: brian(a)egee.io.

About this Website

The purpose of this website is to have one place where people can learn about Egee and find out more about all of the things that I do.

I’ve used sites like Medium and Ghost.io but none of them worked the way that I needed them to so I decided to write my own.

This website is just a simple Jekyll site with a theme based on Poole and customized with Bulma.io.

The code is Open Source and lives in Github. The website runs in AWS and is automagically deployed by an automated CI/CD process.