About Me

Egee (pronounced ‘E-jee’) is an anthropomorphic Red Husky! He started out as a mascot for my main YouTube channel. He became the “character” I played for the channel for a while, but eventually, he just became me.

Hiya - I’m Brian! I host the Distro Delves Show, produce asmr, live stream on Twitch, contribute to Open Source on Github, jam on Soundcloud, and dabble in indie game development.

Besides being Egee, I’m a software engineer with a penchant for startups! I also do voice-work and reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 🌲

About this Website

This website is meant to be a single place where people can find Egee-related stuff and learn more about all of the different things I do. I’ve had sites like Medium and Ghost, but none ever worked the way that I needed them to, so I decided to write my own.

This website is just a simple Jekyll site built with Poole and a simple CSS theme based on Bulma.

The code is Free & Open Source and lives in Gitlab. The website itself lives in “the cloud” and is automagically deployed with Gitlab CI.

Support Me!

Want to support me? Buy me a coffee! Ko-fi (pronounced like coffee) is a platform that focuses on one-time donations, commissions, and reoccuring memberships!

I prefer Ko-fi for one-off tips and donations because it's super easy to use and has 0% platform/transaction fees. And it's just a really cool platform in general, too!