Announcement: Freedoom Series

This is a rather belated announcement for the new “Series” I started on the Egee Gaming channel a few weeks ago.

I’m a big fan of the Brutal Doom mod, and I beat Doom 1 (Knee Deep in the Dead) on Mixer for Halloween. But I figure if people are enjoying it, I may as well keep it going and make a series of it!

Series Goal

I don’t plan to beat all of the Freedoom episodes because there are too many of them! I’ve already beat Freedoom Phase 1 Episode 1, and I’m working through Freedoom Phase 2, which is basically one long episode.

I’ll probably beat Freedoom Phase 2 eventually and play Brutal Doom off & on after that. I also might return to it when there are updates for it.

Playing on Linux

I wrote an article over on Medium about setting up Freedoom with Brutal Doom v21 on the GZDoom engine.

I think the biggest reason Freedoom isn’t more popular in the Doom modding community is that the artwork (sprites, weapons, etc.) just leaves something to be desired. Thankfully, the Brutal Doom mod fixes this and, you encounter regular Doom enemies in the Freedoom levels!

Support The Series 🚀

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Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site! Look forward to more cool gaming series soon!