Introducing the Blog

If you’ve lurked around our Discord server, you’ll probably know that I’ve been talking about the website for a long time. Well, folks, the new site is finally here! 🥳

But most importantly, there’s an official blog now, too!

The Medium page is being repurposed to be more targeted towards coders and programming in general, which works better with Medium’s platform and article discovery model.

I wrote an article on Medium about my thoughts, and my feelings are the same. Medium is a good platform for some things.

What’s To Come

The original website was a Ghost blog. And before that, it was a WordPress blog (under a different name).

Look forward to the Distro Delves series making an appearance here on the blog and some other series that were initially meant as YouTube videos but will be written as blog posts instead.

I’m excited about returning to that simpler time when I spent less time making videos on YouTube and wrote blog posts and played video games.

Making videos for the Distro Delves series has shown me that there’s a minimal amount of information that I can pack into a 10 minute YouTube video. Many interesting things get cut from the videos due to time constraints.

Perpetual Construction

I’ve waffled about whether the website should be a “landing site” for the community and whether it should have a blog attached to it at all.

I have also spent too much time considering what language & framework the website should be written in. This indirectly caused a half-dozen rewrites, which basically produced nothing.

I forced myself to just finish the website by the end of November 2019. And I’m happy with the site, but there are always improvements to be made. 🛠️

The current iteration of the website is built with Jekyll and uses styling heavily inspired by Bulma and Cirrus.

How To Support The Site

Currently, I run at a deficit. Simply put, it costs me more money to operate our game servers & website than I receive from ads, donations, and partnerships.

If you want to support us with minimal effort, consider using our affiliate links for things like the latest deals on Computers & Accessories over on Amazon. Using our affiliate links is a super-easy way of supporting the community!

If you want to support us directly, consider checking out our Patreon! Becoming a Patron is a bit more commitment, but we offer really cool perks, rewards, and goals!

Thank You 🚀

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site! And stay tuned for some great content very soon!