The original Operating System review show!

Despite the name, the show aims to cover all types of consumer-oriented Operating Systems and not just distributions of GNU/Linux.

Distro Delves started out as a high-level overview of particular operating systems but branched into a more functional & performance test-case style of review from Egee’s perspective as a gamer & software engineer.

What goes into an episode?

A regular episode looks at an OS & desktop from a somewhat average user with high expectations and standards. Since all operating systems are different, each episode is unique, but most follow the same simple format:

Depending on the capabilities of the featured operating system, there may be a gaming performance & benchmark segment.

If there’s an operating system you would like me to look at, you are welcome to create a ticket for it on Github!

Distro Delves LIVE!

The live stream flavor of Distro Delves has gone by a few different names. Still, it’s usually a 2~ hour-long live stream where I test an operating system live for everyone to watch and ask questions. In addition, developers and maintainers often drop by, and it can become something of a live functional test!

I don’t monetize these live streams so that I can play copyrighted music and not worry about revenue sharing with copyright holders. I usually play songs from Future Funk, Outrun, and Jazzy genres and switch to copyrighted rock music towards the end of the stream.

Distro Delves live streams typically follow the same format as a regular episode and occasionally feature special guests!