My Games

Game development is the most fun out of all the different types of software I’ve worked on. I wouldn’t want to code games professionally, but I have written a few indie games for fun!


There was a time when I was really into JavaScript. I really wanted to write a game with it, but there are many game frameworks to choose from. I decided on PhaserJS because it had a great end-to-end tutorial that included art assets to get started.

I started with a super basic platformer game called Jumper for a tutorial video I produced on YouTube. The video got pretty popular, so I polished it up and made a playable demo out of it.

It’s basically a clone of the original PhaserJS tutorial with slightly different sprites and coding style. Unfortunately, I have no plans to update the game because I’m not super into JavaScript anymore, and PhaserJS 2 is deprecated.

The Unnamed Egee Game

I always wanted to write a clone of a nostalgic NES game with a free & open-source engine or toolkit. I learned about Godot from a friend and decided to try and recreate the Amazon stage from DuckTales.

I created Egee and all the blocks with Aesprite and put it together in the Godot editor. It’s not in a playable state, but you can check out the code and build it (if you are crafty) here.

Note that the code & most of the art assets are free to use, but the Egee sprites are not.


The first playable game I ever wrote was a Nibbles clone called Vibbles. It is written in Vala, a free & open-source language written for the GTK toolkit. It uses raw GTK and Cairo to render the screen and handle input controls.

There’s nothing extraordinary about this game besides being the first game I ever wrote. It was a chore to write, and the only thing I really “learned” from it was how to handle input controls. I don’t recommend writing a game without a game framework or toolkit unless raw game development is something you enjoy doing.