My Original Characters!

Besides Egee, there are other characters that I use for different things! I tend to commission art for my characters frequently. You can find most of my commissioned pieces on Fur Affinity!


Egee began as an idea for my YouTube channel. I wanted a mascot for the channel (like Konqi is to KDE), and I decided on a Red Husky because I had a Husky at the time. I felt he was the perfect persona for the channel!

He has a slender build with floofy white fur on his upper front & lower rear sections and copper from his head, back & legs. He has turquoise-colored eyes, shaggy brown hair, and dark brown paw pads. He’s usually 180cm tall, but he’s only about 30cm tall in an alternate universe.

At first, Egee is usually quiet and reserved, but he is excitable and easily riled up into a zoomy frenzy.


I went through a phase where I really enjoyed writing Discord bots. So every other week, I wrote a new bot in a different language. And while the implementation of the bot changed, the bot itself didn’t, so I called it Androgee (basically the android form of Egee) since it helped me moderate the Discord server.

Androgee is a large & usually chonky Protogen with Siamese cat fur colors. He has dark chocolate fur everywhere but his neck fluff, stomach, and tops of his toes, which are cream-colored. His gear and claws are sky blue & seafoam green, and he stands at 200cm tall.

He is Egee’s argumentative assistant built with many helpful gadgets such as a giant multi-purpose tail and the ability to play music.